March 25, 2009

The days

For everyone who is following this growing piece of love (for the art of drawing... )
The hardest part of the week is gone and you surely noticed that in my drawings. Into the absence of some days. In these cases I come home very late, very tired and empty that I cannot put my hand on a piece of paper to draw 'my piece of a day'. Teaching art all day long in all kind of materials, from pencils to computers, from etching plates to canvas, to all different ages is also a very physical and mental occupation. I really like my work but exploring my own mind is one of my passions also. So to all of you who are sooo enthousiastic about my art, thank you thousand times and more, that makes this world so small and my heart so warm!
Good to know that there are so many more artfull minds!
See you here soon again or wherever on this planet!
You know what?...Me, a cappucino and a strong wind outside......time to DRAW!
x Kathy

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