January 2, 2015

Type to table

Once I bought a table to be my drawing table upstairs in my little room that would be named my studio. After some years that table looked like one big mess and it was defenitely time to bring some change in our house. And that was very easy being pregnant of twin girls and realizing they needed a room for them, to play, to laugh, to be together, to smile and have fun...and to sleep!
So the table had to move and the best destination she could get was the living room. A table to eat on, to chat, to laugh, to share stories. The girls entered our lives and now after three months I feel myself ready to start a huge challenge. That table looks like one big chalkboard and that is exactly what I want to do with it. Using to write on it. In my letters. Quotes, that must be a good exercise to write enough letters. And I want to write every day one quote! I have to search 365 quotes together or better, I ask people to send me their favourite ones and I can letter for them, may'be for a daughter or son his birthday, or for a special occasion in their lives? Let's start this challenge!

You can follow this adventure on INSTAGRAM/typetotable
and also send my your quote(s)!
It's quite exciting for me and you will see, to find your quote lettered on my table, that feels good too ;)
SEND YOUR QUOTE TO kathydewit@gmail.com, tell me if you want to see them on a special date and I will realize your little dream.
Thank you so much for supporting me and my fascination for letters!
 The black magic table where it will happen every day
 The material I will use to letter, chalk brushes.
The first quote of the year.

October 24, 2014

Frida & Lena are born!

Proud to present you the birth of Frida & Lena on the first of october 2014. 
Our girls are in a perfect health and are living the life as his fullest.
We, as brand new parents, are loving each moment with them and we are realizing that every second with them means gold! Even the nightfeeding moments :)

Thanks to Polyprint24.be for the printing job of my birthcards!
Lovely job!

July 14, 2014

Floating on blue

 I woke up at 6am with this image in my head.
Sleep was far away, I had to take my drawingpaper, pencils and watercolors.
Here is that image.She floats in a jungle and meanwhile in her body life is growing. Never could imagine what it is to be pregnant. Must be one of the journeys most spectacular in a life!
Although I feel so lucky, there are moments I get scared, not knowing what will happen with this body, how it will react on that crucial moment of birth. I have to trust in this gift, my body and relax above all!

I can enjoy of this wonder all summer long and I hope the little creatures in my womb want to live some months more in the most cosy home of the world!

May 23, 2014

Becoming 'momma'

Dear friends,
as you can see life gave my this special gift for the next months.
We are expecting new life and even more special, there are growing two little angels inside of me!
I'm almost 5 months far into this adventure and finally I can return to my old behaviours...like drawing.
I didn't suffer any awful morning, my body is doing very well, but my mind just cannot stop wondering, thinking, dreaming about that new future.
It feels good to return to paper and pencils. A long summer is waiting for me to enjoy the growing belly and to turn this all in new drawings.
The babies will present themself somewhere in october ;)
Wish you an overwhelming weekend!
x Kathy

February 4, 2014

Graphic Design Festival Breda

We are ready for the flight!
This design will be submitted for the Graphic Design Festival in Breda.
We are heading to the deadline on the 7th of february and our 'Eendenkind'
wants to participate in this election.
More practical info about this festival you can find here :
Cross your fingers for us and our Duckchild ;)

January 30, 2014

Eendenkind / Posterdesign for a poem by Lies Van Gasse

Proud to present you my posterdesign I made inspired on a poem written by my friend, collegue, writer and poet Lies Van Gasse. It all started on the first minutes of 2014. While me and my family were watching the fireworks in the little village of my parents, close to many creeks and rivers and some tiny natural reserves,( Belgian, so very very tiny!) we heard something crashing onto the concrete. An adult duck, a boy, was laying on his back and moved one leg, watched hopeless into my eyes and let life flowing away of his full and more then attractive body...he died in front of us. Some blood on his beak told us he must had crashed somewhere haunted by the horrible sound of the fireworks.

This story inspired Lies, and some weeks later her poem was born.
I had still the image living in my memories and almost immediately I saw an image for the poem.
I worked only with ink and pencil and it turned out that I could combine finally my calligraphy and my illustration. I can tell you, that feels so good!
So this is the result!
It's called :
 what means in dutch, Ducks Child,...
I'm so sorry, I will not dare to translate the poem into english but I can tell you that it is very touching, about a city of lace, about loosing, pain, but also some hope and further horizons.

Op nieuwjaarsnacht valt uit de lucht

een eendenkind.

Zout schuimt om haar lippen.
Huiswaarts is een woud,
de armen van een kanten stad.

Mistbanken liggen op land
als een drijvend eiland.

Onderin de buik
een vlechtwerk van twijgen,
een stoet van dode dichters,
steen waarop men rollen zou.

Aardplaten verschuiven.
Regels beheersen ons leven.

Ik ga de hoepel af.
We steken in betonnen dozen
en verlangen naar de uitgang.

Volgzaam kijk ik, als een hond,
naar de tamme val, 

haar bek als een scheermes,
het zachte vlees van de nacht.

Sindsdien bijt ik op glas.
Er valt een muur van licht,
wij moeten in die volheid slapen.

Here some pictures of work in progress.

January 27, 2014

Uppercase 20...and I'm in it!

So proud and excited to show you the new issue of Uppercase.
 I danced to my frontdoor when the postmen threw my favourite magazine in!
 Since a year this is kind of my quarterly bible!
My sewing-drawings had been selected for this issue and that feels so good!
Thank you so Janine and the whole Uppercase staff for this delicious magazine, again!
Really, for anyone who is creative and curious, this is a must have.
You can sign up with this link : http://mbsy.co/Fndh

Here some more fabulous spreads of issue 20.

December 28, 2013

New prints

 I listed some new prints to finish this year.
Very sensibles. Let them be loved.
HERE you can purchase them in my Eldibujodelgato - shop on ETSY
Have a splendid finishing of 2013!

December 24, 2013

Warm wishes

Be a light to everyone you love,
every heart you miss,
be a light to them who need it,
be a light to each other this christmas.
Let's be one big light on this little planet.
Have a very nice Christmas
Kathy & Javi

December 19, 2013

Workshop Calligraphy #2 in Antwerp

       Some images from my second workshop I gave in a coffeeshop in Antwerp, called Mokkakapot.
Pure ZEN and more than lovely afternoons! Preparing now for a next one this weekend in Gent hosted by Femke Coopmans from Swinging Cahier in combination with a delicious brunch! That will give some delicious images again!