May 20, 2009


Since some days ants are ruling our house! At specific hours the queens and the drones fly away
from their nest and fly against the door that gives entry to the garden...they have to go in the air to make more ande more and more ants!
...The house is filling up with all of them! My personal contagious disease / disaster...
Any tips to make them move from our little peacefull house?


Artemis Wilde said...

Yikes! Alas, I have no solution to your problem, but I'm enjoying your art. Good luck with the ants.

manuel/det said...

Mieren plaag!!
Tataa...!!! Kathy misschien kan Lieve van Praet u helpen. Lieve is een autoriteit op gebied van ecologisch tuinieren, zowat de gouden raad van Tante Kaat. Maar dan in de alternatieve sector. Meer info op
Lieve is ook medewerkster lesgever voor VELT.
En Det kent haar zéér goed.

Anonymous said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool!

I LOVE YOU said...