September 1, 2009

1st of September, a new start / un nuevo empiezo

I'm BACK...from Peru, back into my Belgian rythm...after exactly one week today. The first schoolday for millions of childrens here.
It took me some days to fight back on a huge jetlag...still he is playing with my body and mind but it seems to become all normal again. My blog suffered a little bit as I couldn't post my last days in Peru and the first days here again.
Let this drawing be a new start after a huge vacation that I needed very urgently!
It feels very good to start with a new spirit. I'm curious for all the other you are doiing. I visit your place very soon and I hope to meet you here again very soon!
x kathy


Laura said...

Even om je te laten weten dat ik je blog nog steeds volg, en dat het nog steeds even cool is hier ... x Laura

Denise Burden said...

Welcome back!! Look forward to seeing more of your wonderful artwork!