September 14, 2009

A home for the jewels / Una casa para las joyas

Saved from her 'rubbish-life', I gave her today a new meaning...
She will embrace all my new jewels I am creating now

Salvado de una vida como 'basura', le he dado hoy dia un nuevo destino...
Ella va a cuidar mis nuevas joyas que estoy haciendo

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Snezana said...

Hi Kathy,I am glad to see you on my blog and thank you for visiting.I was following your jurney this summer,you have made lots of beautiful drawings and your work with jewellery is great.I have also a lot of ideas but,you know,with a little girl at home is not so easy.
I am happy to hear that you want a baby too,this is a lovely news(lets make it together next year,I want a brother for my girl!)
P.S.I would like to send you a print(impossibility),with my signature,I have a good paper now and I am very satisfied with it,O.K.let me know?
XXX & hugs!