October 6, 2009

Impossibility arrived!

My very close Serbian blog-friend Snezana Kragulj send me a drawing of her al the way from Italy!
It's part of an exchange between me and her...I let her choose a drawing of me she liked and otherwise. I'm so happy with the very nice print and I will give him a unique place in my little house! Thank you sooo much my dear Snezana!

For anybody who wants to know more of her work, click the image and take part on her giveaway to celebrate the opening of the Etsy Shop of Snezana. Only some days are resting to participate! Choose your favourite drawing, post a comment on Katy and the cat.... and may'be you will get a signed drawing out from her Etsy shop!
Good Luck!

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Snezana said...

Thank you dear Kathy!