February 3, 2010


Yesterday while strolling in the city I visited again my favourite magazine-store in Antwerp. And again I discovered another brand new magazine...made in The Netherlands and so usefull for people who feel that their mind is becoming to 'full'. Always thought that all those 'mindfulness'- books were just to neglect, but this magazine, his bright colours and design really can relax me and taking me back to another slower and mind liberating rythm...amazing what a Flow!


Anonymous said...

You must realise that
excists since last year
and all that time
you could not find it
in Belgium.

Amanda Y said...

Love the cover of that magazine!

Kathy De Wit said...

Exactly, it's not 'brand' new in the world of magazines but it is so for me :), and I hope it will recover Belgium and more countries very soon!
@Amanda : Dear Amanda, that was just the thing that was attracting me...I knew it I had to watch it :, and inside the design is just so marvellous and brightly! pity for you that it's all in Dutch...but may'be one day ;)