February 16, 2010

Back again with a plate of CEVICHE!!!

I recovered almost from my painly throat. After my last drawing it went down and still deeper then I could think. Horrible days I passed now...and since yesterday I am recovering. Again I realise how lucky we are when the 'body-machine' is working like she has to do...but oooooo when it goes wrong! I suffered enough now...I'm turning back but slowly! to real life and because it's vacation here in B. I will keep the activity these days low. drawing is my first priority, visiting and leaving with friends the second one and other things can wait...
I'm hungry now of drawing this recipe for the funny site of Tom : Recipe Look.
Take a look on his space, take a paper and draw your recipe.
Everyone can do it. I just sended mine...
and now back to the sofa and take a rest
Welcome back to me and everyone!!!


Diane said...

What a beautiful blog. Your colors are very beautiful. hope you are feeling better.

fulya said...

hey kathy,
your recipe looks delicious. i'd like to make it one day. of course, i like the drawing too. your blog earned itself a prominent place in my google reader :)
and yes, my blog is in turkish.Maybe later i will add a translation part, who knows :D