March 23, 2010

Jewels of inspiration

My brand new earrings, hooooray!!! Designed by Adolie Day, a very briljant illustrator from France. I love them since ages and I thought it was the right time to buy them finally! Perfect to start spring! All these lovely items you can buy on La Marelle éditions. Only I hope the quality of the earrings is much better then the buttons are. My button I bought (design from Benjamin Lacombe) some months ago has a very poor backside, no quality at all...that's the sad side of the story.


Snezana said...

Sweet!My favorite artist is also french and I am waiting for hers new pendants in April,hope to buy one!
Wish you a lovely week end Kathy!

Jessie said...

ooo lovely! I expect people will notice them and wonder where you got them :)x