April 24, 2010


Light play a leading role while drawing...too much sun can be hard to draw. In my little room I prefer my unnatural light focused on the paper...and if I need some sunlight then I take a jump and go walking into the growing garden before turning back totally concentrated on growing drawings. :)


Adelaida said...

Direct sunlight make the colours look odd, too yellow and warm (but only artificial light isn't good either... it can be too blue or too orange ;P).

And what are you drawing right now? :)

Kathy De Wit said...

Dziekuje bardzo!!! for your words Aleksandra! :) I appreciate your comments a lot and will be visiting your place too, but right now I'm in a deadline week and working hard to finalize a project.
Soon I hope to show more of it, but for now I want to 'concentrate' me for 200% on it! :)
Happy to hear you whenever!
Have a nice day!
♥ Kathy

and about the light : of course a little of both lights is the best way, no...:)