June 26, 2010

Back in time

I think it's not the meaning of this blog to put pictures of myself...but in this case I guess I can share this one with the world. Today it's like one year ago, that we were travelling to Perú for two months. It was the first time we ( my husband and I) flew together to his country after all the other flights that we made alone...me, flying to Peru, he, coming to Belgium and so on.
It was one of the best vacations of my life, really vacation! Seeiing back the family after more then 2 years for me and exploring the north of the country. Oh, I wish I was flying...this picture made me even crying...how I miss those landscapes, that family...that spirit!
Anyway, summer is now here and I can find back my smile to go on and dream of 'my' mountains. I have to be happy, we have everything...and most important : there is LOVE in the air


Roberto said...

Kathy, qué hermosa foto! Supongo que has llorado de alegría, yo últimamente con mis fotos lloro un poco de tristeza, porque a nuestros tres hijos (dos chicas y un varón) los tenemos lejos y las fotos que nos mandan, a pesar de que sé que están bien, me entristecen un poco. pero bueno, es así!!! Te felicito por lo bien que escribes en castellano, te juro que yo creía que eras peruana.
Disfruta el verano.

Marijke De Wagter said...

Simpelweg prachtig geformuleerd!

d'Ank said...

Lucky you!

melissa said...

Hey Kathy, lang geleden! Ik moet bekennen, ik ben al een hele tijd niet meer op blogger gekomen...
Alles ok? Nog altijd even creatief bezig, zie ik :)

liefs melissa,een oud oud oooud leerling nu al :)

oh ja, je mag mij ook altijd volgen hoor (a)

Jess *^_^* said...

It's lovely to travel and lovely to come back home again and be proud of where you're from. Right now I'm watching Glastonbury Festival on the TV and so proud that I was born there in Somerset! :D xx

Škorčica said...

Oh, it's so interesting to know a bit more about the person behind all this creating.

I love to learn about other cultures! I hope I'll see Peru some day, too :)

And I've always liked hearing about couples, where each person is from different culture (not that I would replace mine - never! hehe).

Lovely photo. I wish you to go in Peru as often as you would like to! :)