June 1, 2010


Since some years I don't have a cat of my own...but since we live here I made a very good friend. This is Toulouse again, the cat of the neighbours, who visits me almost every day and wants to see everything that I create. So I thought, it's time for a fotoshoot of my little earrings, took my Peruvian cup as background and started making pictures. Toulouse added her idea on my pics...in a while she started to roll and almost take up the cup...oh my! What did she liked on that moment? The cup, the earrings or just beiing in some sunshine with all the attention pointed to her!
About making this pics : I used the free software Poladroid. You can easily download it HERE and transferring all your pics into polaroids! The fun of it also is you have to shake your pics on your desktop and so the colours will change more red or green and so on! FUN!


Jessie said...

Amazing! Whatever will technology come up with next?! Cute earrings by the way!xx

Roberto said...

Han quedado lindísimas las fotos con el gato haciéndose la estrella de la película, ja. y recién me doy cuenta, esos ojos que siempre dibujas son casi unos ojos de gato!!
Muy bellas tus joyas.

sandybau said...

Lindas fotos Kathy!! Toulouse se robo el show!! Tus joyitas estan lindisimas, donde las estas vendiendo? Yo tambien kiero hacer unas pero se me hace un poco dificil...
Un beso!

Kathy De Wit said...

Thanks Jessie & Roberto :)
Roberto, eres el primero que dices eso de los ojos...la verdad en eso pienso siempre...y si doy estas ojos a personages humanos, entonces se parecen gatos :)))
Sandra! No vendo nada todavia...un dia ;), y hacerlos...si no es siempre muy facil...las burbujitas y tiene que secar bien!
Un BESO fuerte!!!
x Kathy