June 4, 2010

A new breeze

By visiting the blog of Karo I found a terrific link to the site of Jonathan Woodward : zero2illo. Every aspiring illustrator or graphic designer can participate in this project to make work of that 'dream' we all have! The challenge started like 8 weeks ago but you can sign-up whenever you want and just start NOW, like I will do! I'm still discovering this place and started on my first week with some very useful tasks. Behind the whole challenge is building up a community of illustrator-souls...and by sharing our experiences we can help eachother closer to being a fulltime illustrator and to make finally work of some very important steps to accomplish before living that dream also Jonathan had since decades. Take a look and sign up...the tasks are just soooo usefull and secure.

"The time for procrastination, self-doubt and style hang-ups is over – it’s now time to get going and start working towards my dream career as an illustrator…and I’d like to invite you to join me."
Jonathan Woodward


Roberto said...

Hola Kathy, esta me parece buenísimo. Pero tengo que traducirlo y leerlo bien pq no entiendo mucho todo lo que dice.
Buen dato, gracias.

Jonathan Woodward said...

Hey Kathy,

Great to have you on board with my zero2illo 12 Week Challenge. Glad you're finding the posts useful.

I love the drawings from your green fingers post - really lovely.