July 22, 2010

He arrived!

How many months I was dreaming again of having a cat. 'El dibujo del gato', without being inspired by these incredible inspiring creatures. Wietske is living with my parents since I went to the other side of the world to start a new life. When I came back, she was so happy to live with them that it looked horrible to take her again away from the place she was used by then. So after more then two years alone, without any 'moustache' close to me, finally I can make a little dance of hapiness. It's a boy with a white nose and toes...Only two days he is living here with us and he is already our god! Just one problem : his name! I thought about MAYO, just sounds sweet but many friends refer to the sauce on the french fries..., my husband likes MICHI, like they call cats in Peru, michimichimichi...but that sounds so inpersonal to me, he should have a name that suites him perfect, but it has to sound in spanish too! Some names I found on the net that could work: MAGO , MANTO, MAU. What should I choose? Or is Mayo just right? ;) Or do you have still another nice name for this lovely man of me! Help me! :)


roberto said...

Podría se Manchi (por manchita)
¡Que difícil, Kathy!

d'Ank said...

Mag ik u aanbevelen: 'Mouse'(~ Mouce/ Mows)... Mighty Mouse!
Succes & veel genieten met dat klein manneke;-)

Marijke De Wagter said...

Blijf bij je eerste gedachte! Wanneer men wil zal men voor elke naam wel een bijnaam kunnen verzinnen. Het is jouw katje en jouw keuze. Wanneer er iemand nog eens de link legt naar de saus (en ik ben ook schuldig) moet je gewoon zeggen dat ie met zijn snuitje en pootjes in de mayo pot heeft gezeten ;) xx

Snezana said...

Kathy,I am so happy for you,I know how you loves cats! I had a cat(female) named:Tiki (from Kon-Tiki),but my dearest was a male:Mish-Mish (that in serbian means:Mous-Mous!) :)
Now we have another female,a wild one,named: Bush baby (some kind of monkey I think) but we call her simply: BiBi!
Oh,I like a lot:MICHI!

aafke7 said...

De naam van een poesje groeit... ingefluisterd door de wind.
Wij hadden Frostie (met de eerste nachtvorst gebracht door 2 leuke meisjes), een Wascootje (met een staartje dat er als gekraste kleurtjes onder zwarte vetkrijtjes), een Ridder Floris van de Sterre (een stappert), Olly (wit) en Bi-olly (tweede wit), Zwolly (derde zwarte Olly), Brum (zo heerlijk tuffend als het autootje in een kinderserie, Janssen (is komen aanlopen: 'zal wel die van Janssen zijn'?). Enz enz.
Nu woont Poem (zo'n dikke poemel) en Herby hier. Wat is leuker dan dat de naam zich vanzelf duidelijk maakt?
Ben benieuwd wat het gaat worden.

Kathy De Wit said...

Thank you soooo much dear friends for all these inspiration!!! All those names are so RIGHT and nice to hear. After reading all your comments we were watching our 'little woolen devil'...and we started naming him after artists/painters...Klimt, Vincent, Pollock...he also made many spots :), and in one clear moment...we shouted together DALí!!!!
Salvador Dalí had a 'moustache' like our devil, and the spot on his nose is just the accent on the I of Dalí! You got it? We are sooo happy on this moment because he himself is jumping around like crazy. Dalí sounds so RIGHT! Thank you everybody...I can leave Mayo with the Ketchup. Proud to have my own Dalí!