August 24, 2010

Andean dream @ home!

Finally I can show you how the pillows of look in real life! They are stunning! And I'm not talking of my design, but about the quality of the image and fabric. I'm in love with them and I hope that they can make more people happy in the next winter!
Visit the Kató-shop and wander around. For any suggestions or comments about them, write me on or post your wishes as a comment on this post! You are so welcome!


Amanda said...

Love those pillows! I may just have to think about getting one. Great job :) (Amanda from this is Great signin via google is being weird!)

tynni said...

hey kathyke,
ik heb net 2 kussenhoezen besteld!
ze zijn prachtig, en ze zullen mooi samengaan met je tekening die onze zithoek al opvrolijkt!!!
dikke kussen en tot gauw!

Kathy De Wit said...

uuuuu...que lindo!
Dat jullie zoete dromen mogen beleven soezend op de kussentjes. Ge zijt een schatje! Vele kusjes van in Kussenland! :) En hou me op de hoogte he! :) Liefs voor alle snoezies ginder! Kathy