September 19, 2010


Received today!
This postcard from the Canadian Kiera Panell.
I'm sooo happy cause it arrived on the perfect moment. Since more then a year I signed up on the International Union of Mail artists...and I realize that I still didn' t took any action in it although I love this kind of art-making!!! Anyone who wants to try this, join in this community and start creating and sending around the world!
Kiera,thank you to remember me finally that time has come! You can expect something my dear! :)


Sgt. Roberto said...

Hola Kathy, qué bueno recibir correo!!!
Tengo una pregunta para hacerte.
Esta tarjeta te la mandaron a tu casa o es correo electrónico?.

Kathy De Wit said...

Hola Roberto... si con correo a mi casa...correo real!:))) si si...por eso estoy tan feliz! Tengo una pregunto para ti tambien : Porque cambias de nombre tantas veces ;))) besos Kathy

Adelaida said...

I really sounds interesting, therefore I signed in :) But could you tell me - now I should just pick somebody and send an art-mail to do that person? I should I ask the person first?

Sgt. R. said...

Hola Kathy. Gracias por la respuesta. intentaré entrar en ese sitio.
Te respondo. Cambio de nombre y cambio la foto del perfil, y también cambio la cabecera de mi blog. Primero, porque me divierte
segundo, porque me aburre ver siempre mi misma cara, entonces la cambio, jaja (ya que no puedo cambiar la real, ja ja.
Y tercero, porque una vez que hice algo, ya quiero comenzar otra cosa nueva, (podríamos llamarlo "ansiedad creativa").

un beso. un saludo a tu esposo. Y obviamente, caricia para Dalí

Kiera Pannell said...

Kathy- I'm really happy that you enjoyed it so much. Thank you for your kind comments both here and on my website. I thought that I should tell you that I have moved to Canada, and that the address on that postcard is no longer correct. If you want to send it to Canada, my address is posted on my Iuoma page, or you can send it to my old address as I am getting my mail forwarded.

Adelaida- Yes, you just pick someone off the Iuoma website amd mail them something that you have made. However, it might help to pick someone who is currently active (try reading some of the blogroll posts on the left hand side) because you're more likely to get a quick response. Some people take time off from mailart, and you can't expect that everything you mail off will lead to getting something in return.

Kathy De Wit said...

Hey Kiera!!!

Thanks for the add!
You know Adelaida, I wasn't active on the website as I told you, so sometimes it can happen that nice people like Kiera are coming to shake you awake and to give you a pull in the right direction!

Hugs for both of you!