October 20, 2010

Gato mail-art

After soooo many years I started playing with papers and cards and designed this mail-art. This one is going to Carolyn in South Africa. My first visit to that country ...transformed in a card :)

Making mail-art is the best solution to survive the dark evenings that are making our days so sad by times.
I'm excited to throw it into the world...here you go sweety...fly!


robert Oh! said...

Hola Kathy, esto está muy bien, siempre estoy intentando comenzar a enviar cartas al viejo estilo. y sería una buena escusa intercambiar, tarjetas dibujadas. no sería necesario una gran obra de arte, solamente un dibujo, pero está muy bueno recibir un papel que estuvo en las manos de otra persona, esto de los mails es tan frio. No te parece? Si te parece intercambiamos tarjetas. Decime. y si no te parece todo OK.

d'Ank said...

Lucky Carolyn from South Africa!!!

Jessie said...

Hi Kathy, It's been ages since I've visited, and I've missed your lovely artwork. You've been so creative and I love it all! :) xx