November 29, 2010

Workshop Relief printing with Stencils

Take a look at the proces at the ' woodblock print + printing with stencils - workshop', I followed today in my own academy, teached by my colleague Goedele Peeters.
After missing the Workshop given by Susan Goethel Campbell from Detroit, USA, luckily I could join this 'afterparty' with the same techniques.
This was just a briljant day...glad to experienced this new island in the printing world!
Cutting some copies, bringing ink onto woodblocks, pasting the stencils on the wood and start printing and playing with all kind of possibilities...and in the end adding some finishing touch with a brush and parts of stencils. it!!!
What do you think?

1 comment:

Roberto said...

Beautiful, Kathy!!!
Se siente el olor de la tinta desde aquí!
Cuando mis hijos eran pequeños yo hacía bloques de yeso sobre un vidrio, y luego ellos dibujaban con alguna punta y yo los entintaba con un rodillo similar al que se ve ahí. y con una cuchara hacía unos magníficos grabados que aún guardo.