January 5, 2011

Painful jump

My poor little boy. He is such an explorer...and he took a bad decision to jump like a wild one into the basement. There was waiting a broken vase and she wanted to cut his leg as deep as she could!
Blood on the floor, blood on the door, blood in the bathroom...what an adventure! And this is the way the jump resulted. A collar and 3 staples in his leg...[AUW]...like we say when we feel pain...how do cats (and human) say 'auw' in other languages? Tell me! :)

Anyway Dalí is doing well...just some 6 days more to go with this collar. :(


TJ Shay said...


In America, we would say ow or ouch! Sorry about your cat!


roberto!! said...

Bien, Kathy, yo creo que por aquí podríamos decir
u Ohhhhh!!!!!
De todos modos, pensar en el pobre Dalí lastimado, me hace decir: "pobrecito!!!", no puedo ver a un animal sufriendo, me parte el alma.
Espero que se mejore pronto.

violeta said...

todo saldra bien, para ese hermoso Dalí

Škorčica said...

I hope everything will be allright with Dalí.

Here we say:
au (I think au is basically the same pronunciation as yours auw, it's just different writting);
aua (little kids);
or auč (auch - when it's not really a pain, but more like you've made a mistake or something). :)