February 17, 2011

Featured in Slovenia

Some days ago I was featured on the blog of Skorcica, a graphic designer from the green ( as I imagine that country) Slovenia! Thanks to her post I met already some new blog souls/artists and they are all making my days! It 's so enormous to meet that easily new people, new creators of other worlds and to talk about the ways we walk everyday.
HVALA Skorcica,
I was so delighted with the way you wrote about my work!
Soon it's my turn to give a view on your stunning creations!
Dalí is even dreaming non-stop of a Slovenian now! ;)

***Visit Skorcica's BLOG & SHOP ***


rossichka said...

I understand your excitement - it's so nice to find new friends and discover new artists without expecting it! The diversity in culture and art is charming and inspiring!...

Jessie said...

Your work looks lovely on her blog, so big! :) xx

elquesusurrainthedarkness said...

Hola Kathy, te felicito, tú te lo mererces, Yo fui a su blog y también le dejé un comentario.