February 27, 2011

Tableau Vivant

Yesterday we celebrated together with 11 Antwerp Academies of Art, Music and Drama the yearly event on wich we want to show to our arts to a bigger audience. It was the first time they organized a huge event in one place, everybody together under one roof. It was a terrific day, loooots of people, parents with their kids and an enormous crowd where present to discover our treasures. While the big crowd was turning around different stages and performances, my coleagues and me started a Tableau Vivant. Students on the piano and harp played some classical tunes while we tried to illustrate words given by different people with ink and pencil on a tremendous paper. So much fun we had to do this! Not that easy but the result was quite impressive. All those styles together...one big story...hidden in lines. We have to do more things like this! And soon want to try that with my 6 years old students :)

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Heel mooi! Ik weet niet waarom maar het doet me om een of andere reden denken aan Guernica? (Hoewel dit doek een miljoen keer vrolijker is)