March 5, 2011


Noooo! I'm not always in a flow! :) Javi made this pic saturday afternoon...
when my week of vacation started.
No academy, no museum-workshops,...sounds like no work at all but I planned so much to do!
In one month I will have an exhibition with my drawings, so I can start organizing and arranging everything for that event. Making invitations, printing postcards, framing my drawings, finishing my Valentina-doll, ...and so many more!
I will come up with another Giveaway in the last week of march.
My way to thank you for visiting me here all year round, to thank the gods bringing Spring back to live and to give everyone the possibility to join in my exhibiton.
Be prepared to join and win!

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rossichka said...

I am sure you will succeed with everything you have to do, because the final goal makes you happy! Good luck with the exhibition!:)