March 12, 2011


I'm preparing my upcoming expo and surely one of the most important things so that your public has a pleasant view onto your work should be the frame around the work.
My drawings are so small, mostly like a postcard, nothing more and I was searching a nice and honest idea for my works. First I thought to work with second hand frames (tough that will take me ages to find exactly those that I will like!) all different ones...but I think I founded it! It's very simple but looks strong although a little sensible cause I don't use glass to protect. I don't like glass! It gives me nerves all the time. So this is my try-out with the first drawing. I painted a background, made a frame out of wood, pasted those two together and then I bring some cardboard on the back of the drawing...that way the drawing is lifted from the background and a little shadow makes the drawing floating in the Aubergine-sea around it. Now, I know what to do next weeks ;)


TIKA said...

Good idea!I like your way of framing your drawings, especialy that your drawings float.

You will be very busy next weeks. Enjoy it, it's so exiting to have an exhibition!

sandybau said...

Muchas felicidades por tu proxima expo, Kathy! No te olvides de postear montones de fotos!!