April 16, 2011

Drawing again!

After all the preparations for my exhibition and giveaway and weeks full of nerves I can look back with a pleasant feeling and time has come to take my pencil again and go back to basics. Me, my righthand, my imagination...and of course my Dalí! Do you wonder why I love drawing cats? Artists and cats...still fascinating me! One of my biggest heroes is surely Gustav Klimt. You know the touching photo of Klimt and his cat? Love that image! Artists and cats...they feed eachother all day long! ♥

1 comment:

Jessie said...

Hi Kathy, yes I agree that cats are great inspiration for artists, such amazing shapes they make without even trying! I don't have a cat but I wish I could borrow one to model for me! I'm looking forward to seeing your new drawings. They're sure to be wonderful.xx