April 5, 2011

My exhibition is OPEN!

Het was zo goed!! Mensen van heinde en verre, sommige zag ik terug na een paar uren en dagen, andere na een paar jaar, nog andere na meer dan 10 jaar...dat deed me heel veel en laat me achter als een klein meisje met een reusachtig bonkend hart dat zich wil losrukken uit dat kleine lijf. Dank aan iedereen die erbij was! Onvergetelijk mooi! Dank aan iedereen die er niet kon bij zijn en me toch een berichtje naliet. Later op de dag kom ik aandraven met een Expo - Giveaway. Zo kunnen jullie nog een beetje deelnemen aan deze gebeurtenis...nu ja, IEDEREEN is welkom hoor!

It was overwhelming, all different people, some of them I saw back after days other after years and some after a decade. It gives me such a warm feeling, I'm so happy that I did this for all of them. I received so many sweet comments, honest words and thougts...I'm a little girl with a huge heart inside that wants to jump out into the blue! Unforgettable! Thanks to everyone who couldn't be here with me because of the distance and who left me a message or comment! You were in my thoughts and later today I will anounce my Expo - Giveaway, so you can still be part of this happening! Be welcome!


rossichka said...

Hello! You sound so happy! I imagine you smiling! It must be very exciting to show your works in front of an audience that understands, that has eyes to see and hearts to feel, as well as to meet again people, dear to you and to make new friends!
I wish you many more exhibitions of the kind in future!:)

Kathy De Wit said...

Thank you sooo!
Also for your lovely message about Valentina & her moon :) Yes, while I was making it, I was thinking of fishy things too...may'be...one day if I take her to the ocean, she will jump and convert...oh my.
She is sitting there right now...one month long! You cannot imagine how she is loved by the visitors! I did it! :) Yes I'm very very happy and thank you so much for all the support! A big hug from me and a little warm kiss from Valentina for you :)

TIKA said...

Congratulations on your unforgetable day! And you'll have many more of them, with your beautiful paintings!

sandybau said...

Como pudiera estar ahi ahora mismo! Muchas felicidades!!