August 16, 2011

Ending & Starting

After 6 weeks we had to say goodbye to the parents of Javi who were here to visit us for the first time ever and to see a part of Europe for the first time in their lives. It looked far always some months ago and now it's already gone...those days...we are missing them so strong. We are very happy that they are back in Peru after a save journey over the ocean to see back the whole family and tell them huge stories about what they saw and expirienced. The photo above I took yesterday while we visited the forest where we walked together two weeks ago. It's a very normal forest but it looks so exotic, it reminds me even of the rainforest in Peru itself.
And after those huge vacation and many visits in Spain, France, Andorra, Germany and Holland, time to get back to work and DRAW!
Give you a little sneek peak of what's coming. An illustration for the column of a good friend.
Tomorrow more.

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NatashaMay said...

Sounds like you had a glorious vacation. :) Great sneek peak. Looking forward to seeing it finished.