August 4, 2011


Love the word : Zarzamora. It sounds like it tastes...superdelicious!
Meanwhile I'm still guiding around my parents-in-law here in Belgium and nearby. I took them to my favourite forest of the region where we are living and they loved it! Unfortunately I forgot my camera. While we were picking berries a man came to us with a flower bouquet and told me to give them to that young girl overthere, my mother-in-law. She was so honoured and delighted with the flowers and the compliment of that little old men. :) mmm, even Flemish forests can still surprise one. Home, I made marmalade of the little sweeties and made two little jars especially for my nieces Claudia and Milene in Peru. Hope they will like this flavor!
(do you remember the drawing I made in the summer of 2010 about the Blackberry?
Find it HERE!)


roberto? said...

se me hace agua la boca!!!!
cuidado con las espinas!!!!!

Aria said...

yummy yummy :3

Fotografie Ilse said...

Wij deden net hetzelfde in het bos! (zie mijn blog: "Blackberry meets elderberry") Hoe kan dat nu: toestel vergeten!?? Leuke potjes en grappige naam!

Darsi said...

It looks so beautiful...