January 8, 2012

Back into 'play'-mode

 It was a very nice time ending 2011 and entering the brand new 2012. Like I told your before we entered the new year on a isle of Holland, named Texel. It hurted so much going back to the mainland...and after that driving three hours back to the south, to our home. Sitting on that boat was my farewell to a well deserved fourdays-trip where we found rest and could breath again after busy weeks of work. So, all those memories are living in our hearts and luckily in my sketchbook...and time has come to look forward to so many new adventures. I was preparing the base of so many new brooches I will paint this week.  There is coming closer a very nice event for me and 24 other designers of handmade creations.
Tell you more about it a next post! ;)

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roberto said...

Hola Kathy!!!
Veo que lo están pasando fresquito, aquí el verano está muy caluroso realmente 39 grados a la sombra tuvimos ayer!
Oh, perdón, mis saludos para Javi por su cumpleaños!
muy bella la ilustración que muestras en este post!!
una caricia para Dalí!!! :)