January 1, 2012

Happy dream number 2012!

Especially made for all of you to wish you a very happy new year and so many good and nice new adventures for 2012. This picture is made on beach 'Paal 17'on the Isle of Texel (The Netherlands) at 11:20 pm on 31th of December with some help of the moon, my little headlight and of course the best photographer in the world :)
Enjoy some snapshots from our last day in 2011, with a magic beginning at breakfast, whimsical houses in Oosterend and a crazy cat, sleepy beaches,  the birth of a calf home where we stayed with Klaas and Riet Tjepkema and an enormous delicious end in Restaurant 'De Luwte' in the little capital of the Isle, Den Burg


PURA said...

Lovely pictures...Happy new year to you too.
Greetings from Alicante-Spain.

Škorčica said...

It's a real joy to look at your pictures - you both make great photos!
All the best in the new year, Kathy, and be creative as you are now. Thanks for lovely in fun posts. You always brighten my day! :)

Srečno novo leto 2012! :)