April 2, 2012

New Andes-inspired brooches!

 The 1st of April I spended on a little handmade-market. All the new cats/brooches came with me. Postcards, originals, prints, bookmarks and even Valentina, they were all present on the Mercado Loco Loco in Zolder. It was a weekend full of handmade events spread over flanders and the northern neighbours of The Netherlands. I wished I could go to every market but that new family of cats, foxes and a llama asked my attention for 200% this weekend. Happy to present them to you. If you have a favourite one or you are interested to adopt one of them, let me know! I and even they would be sooo happy!!!

1 comment:

Ram said...

Hola Kathy!!!
Me gustan estos brioches!!!!
Me gusta la pequeña cajita en que pusiste a cada uno!!!!
Eres muy creativa!!!!