May 2, 2012


 Last monday, we went to the airport and we came back with our tickets! for PERU!!!! FINALLY!
Such an emotion...4 weeks of this year I don't have to spend in this country :) Another emotion! :)
The lovely mosaic I discovered in Aalst and that day ended up in the brand new 'tipi' of our neighbours. Making a fire, 3 liters of beer and cava, some 'cancha' (toasted peruvian corn) and a horrible almost stormy weather outside...but we cosy chatting and dreaming of the big planes...far away.


Fotografie Ilse said...

Mooie zuiderse sfeerfoto's die doen dromen van zwoele zomerse nachten!Super dat jullie nu in dit regenweertje al van de sfeer weten te proeven, genieten in jullie tipi, met jullie hoofdjes al helemaal in Peru, iets heel moois om naar uit tekijken! Nisrine heeft net met school een survival achter de rug in een tipi in de Ardennen.

rossichka said...

Marvellous! What a night! What neighbours! Did you sleep at all? :0)
I'm so eager to learn more about your stay in Peru when the moment comes - you love it so much, as if your heart is there!:)...