May 27, 2012

To think about

That forest. Very close to where we live in this country full of people and houses, streets, cars, industry and all the things that makes us the middle of all those things lays my forest, close to the border with the Netherlands. I took one picture today while my short visit on this warm and very sunny sunday.
This is it. With a phrase I found through Pinterest on 'I can read' ( wonderfull place to hang around!) and a little teepee that reminds me of wild-camping and vacation in all kind of countries where I needed courage, where I found happiness. On the moment I took this picture...I felt happy. To be there, to see this view and still I don't believe this is Belgium. I felt happy because I thought a while I was in a Polish forest close to the border with Russia and it lies just some 5 minutes from our house :)
Have a wonderfull week full of courage and happiness!


ram said...

Hola Kathy, esto que tú escribiste es muy bello. Yo imagino que tú disfrutarías mucho de ver los bosques que hay en el sur de mi país, los cuales gracias a Dios todavía se mantienen casi intocados (son parques nacionales) aquí tu puedes recorrer cientos de kilómetros por bosques. yo creo que en tu próximo viaje a América con tu esposo, estaría bueno que tú conocieras el sur de mi país :)
Buena semana!!!!!

Kathy De Wit said...

;) yo conozco el sur de Argentina! Es una belleza, un paraiso, la verdad, nunca he olvidado ese paisaje y mundo. Es algo distinto y extraordinario! Un dia regreso con Javi! eso es cierto!
Un beso para la Argentina tan linda y para ustedes porsupuesto ;)