June 4, 2012

The knitted week

 My Edelweiss is growing in our little garden! Don't know why but I couldn't leave this little plant in the gardencenter last time. It has something weird...is it a flower or a succelent or may'be it will grow as a tree? We will see! Meanwhile I'm finishing this schoolyear and also my course 'Making Books'. So finishing my last projects with the little time I have and here a little view of the cover I designed for a book named 'Ou est- ce?', a book about all lovely places, natural parcs, monuments and things in this world. I tried to embroider the title. I'm a newby! Last saturday I surrounded myself again with more nature and more yarn! In the garden of Hanna we came together to knit with a group of girls. Anna-Denise brought us together on an Etsy Lab and with the help of Emilie and Johanna we started our little knit-project! Oooooh, this place, that energy, those people and that atmosphere gave me so much inspiration to start knittig again after years!
Thank you so girls! And Brussels is truly a very beautiful place full of creativity!
It was sooooooo nice and knitty!


Anna Denise said...

Thank you so much for coming, Kathy! It was, indeed, a perfect afternoon.

roberto said...

Felicitaciones Kathy, yo supongo que escribir con hilo y aguja no debe ser nada fácil, además de los pinchazos en los dedos, jaja!!!
Es linda la primavera y el verano pues se puede disfrutar del aire libre, verdad? Por aquí el frio ya no permite mucho estar afuera, salvo que haya lindo sol y al mediodía. pero bien, se disfrutan otras cosas, el fuego, el café caliente!! :)
Que tengas un bello día!!!