October 28, 2012

Kathy & Javi

Once there was a boy on the other side of the planet in a country full of colours and mountains.
One day a girl came to him to steal his hearth, she took it with her to a cold and grey country far far away.
She felt so happy with that colourfull heart but then she realised that she couldn't live only with his heart.
The boy felt that it was easy to live without a heart but he couldn't live without that girl! 
He started a big journey.
He would find that girl with her green eyes and big feets.
And then it happened.
They found each other back in a lonely foggy forest!
All that time the girl had carried his heart with her and instead of giving back she would keep it forever and gave her heart into the beautiful hands of the boy with the dark eyes. They were dancing all day long and would love each other till there wouldn't exist autumn anymore...

A good friend of me took us to my beloved forest and we had a wonderfull sunday arranging this shoot.
So many thanks to Ilse!

1 comment:

R es por Roberto said...

Hola Kathy, que lindo esto que escribiste!!! Los felicito y les deseo amor para siempre ♥♥♥!!! (Obviamente así será!!!)
las fotos son muy bellas
(me reí mucho con eso de los "pies grandes" jaja.
una abrazo y un beso para ambos!!!