October 11, 2012

CARPAYTA - Peruvian sunprint #1

Ayudar a regar - Helping to give water
Every day from now on I present you a sunprint I made last summer in Perú.
There was already a little exhibition for them but never published my girls on the net for a bigger public.
 So here they are! A 'cholita' a day keeps the nostalgia away.


rossichka said...

There's some specific charm in the clothes of the Peruvian women! I like that one and am curious to see the whole series! Thanks for showing us this unknown world, which is so precious for you!

sylf said...

Kathy, dit is prachtig!!! Ik ben al benieuwd naar het volgende meisje :-)) Inderdaad, ideaal om weg te dromen naar zuiderse oorden...

R es por Roberto said...

Kathy, qué iteresante trabajo nunca supe cómo se hacen las sun prints!!
pero se ve muy bueno.
Te felicito, aún de vacaciones estuviste dibujando y creando. Es como un vicio, verdad?