January 2, 2013

Page 2013! Happy New Year!

A new year, new ideas, new inspiration...want to draw every month another subject, every day one drawing!
El dibujo del gato...that's easy! 
Let's start with my little sweetie, Dalí...every day a new drawing of a CAT / GATO
Every thursday you can expect 7 drawings out of my sketchbook...
2012 was lovely, hard, emotional and very full...so to let live my lovely blog I will feed him with enough drawings this year! Welcome to support!
...and a very happy and creative 2013!


rossichka said...

Oh, I'll be here - with a smile, "all eyes and ears"!:D It's nice to see that you have such clear goals in the very beginning of the year!:) Mine are still in some kind of a mist, though I FEEL (and know) what I have to do... But I'm postponing the moment for making the schedule. I'm still in a festive and lazy mood...:)
Happy, merry and loving 2013, Kathy!!!

Kathy De Wit said...

Rossichka, I'm not that sure ;) Already a heavy workload...we will see if I can make it ;) Just to draw EVERY day! ;) I want to be in that lazy mood...but lists are waiting!
Have a lovely 2013 too and we will keep in touch!!!