April 12, 2013

Prue - Based on Wildwood by C.Meloy

 Some days ago I jumped into 'The Impassible Wilderness'! Find it back in Wildwood of Colin Meloy and with super thrilling drawings of Carson Ellis! I'm a huge fan of her work and that's the reason why I bought Wildwood and look now...the story is taking me every evening to the woods...with my coffee;)! Very short : Prue's little brother is kidnapped by a bunch of crows and taken to the woods on the other side of the river...nobody ever went there! :) And then it begins! 
Watch the trailer of the book on this LINK!


roberto.A. said...

No conocía este trabajo. Fascinante, realmente!
tu ilustración está a la misma altura que las de la obra. me gusta mucho este dibujo (si lo pusiste en Pinterest ya lo estoy repineando para mi carpeta de ilustraciones!!!!
Un beso y buen fin de semana, Kathy!!!

Kamila Sujka said...

awwww wonderful :>