March 1, 2010

Welcome Spring!!!

On the first day of March and so far the first day -after months full of gray days, snow and rain, cold hands and icefeets - with sunshine!!!! And on that day I receive the Sunshine Award from Snezana, a very lovely Serbian blogfriend that lives and works in Italy!
Hvala Lepo Snezana!
Go and visit her blog : Katy and the cat

And as a tradition I will pass it to two bloggers who are in some way also 'sunshine' for me!
1. Karö with her amazing collages, since some weeks I discovered her blog and I am absolutely a big fan!
2. Amanda who makes me happy with her funny view on her move from Canada to Great Britain...on the other side of the Channel for me.


Amanda Y said...

Thank you again :) So sweet and brought a smile to my face!

Is it customary to pass this on to another blogger?

Karö Design said...

Thank you! Mucha gracias!

Snezana said...

Kathy,your serbian is great!I really love the way you put the flower on your drawing,brava!