March 31, 2010

The making of a 'gato'-drawing: #2

It resulted in a very personal drawing. The girl was painted with watercolours as usual, love it to use the shades, as a fact I always loved watercolours since I was a little girl! The clouds were cutted out of some pattern paper and I gave them a red shadow with that pencil that gives always colour to the cheeks of my personalities. Into the clouds you can find that special date of my first arrive in Perú, and the name of my 'gato' ;). The third cloud, tells the whole story ! I cannot without him and I cannot think of losing him...that's the story of my little ring that I lost almost.
And this is the place where all my drawings are finishing...on a new post in this blog...that gives me so muuuch energy, creativity and power to go for it...all thanks to your comments and patience to give this blog a view, a life! Thanks to all of you! ♥ Kathy


Marijke De Wagter said...

Zoveel creativiteit verdient complimenten! x

Anonymous said...

Love your pictures - really interesting to see how you make them.

Snezana said...

So much love in your eyes (of the girl in the picture) and in your words ...:)
Happy Easter!