April 18, 2010

The main course / El plato principal

On sundays I'm trying always to prepare something really delicious...in the week I just cook delicious, on sundays with a little extra :).
Today I had to work in the museum so I couldn't prepare another dream. Instead of that I made this quickly print by etching. I scanned the image and brought some photoshop-clouds and magic to it :)
The erupting Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull is holding down every airplane in almost whole Europe...the gigantic ash-clouds are causing enormous troubles in the life of so many peoples.
Vacation is ending today, thousands are waiting to return homewards stucked in their-once upon a time- lovely resort...
Nature without frontiers, back to basic, back to nature, back to the force of our mother planet?
She is still here and she looks more active then ever!
Watch this video of the song you can hear on my player. While choosing the music I didn't have any idea of the theme of this video...I only like a lot the music from Icelandic musicians and I thought it would just be perfect...and look! it is!!!


Amanda Y said...

Such a different drawing to what you normally do, I like it.

The volcano is also my topic today....

Kathy De Wit said...

Hey Amanda, it's because of the Etching technique I guess but also...I'm never too old to explore more :))) Hups, I'm coming to yours! :) hugs!

Amanda Y said...


The etching is grand! Its interesting that you wrote about sunday dinners on here, as my brain related food to your image, and the volcano looked like a tagine! (Is that spelled correct?)

Roberto Marín said...

Kathy, muy muy bueno este trabajo, fuerte imagen.
te felicito, y el tema con piano y canto, no sé qué es pero también me gusta.
Un beso.

Richard Jesse Watson said...

Fabulous etching! Very nice Kathy.

Kathy De Wit said...

@Amanda : I didn't saw yet a tagine but now you're telling me!!! You are absolutely right. An Icelandic tagine:)))
@Roberto : Gracias Roberto! Sabes el tema es de un musico de Islanda...Sigur Ros. Mira su video. He descubierto despues que el video tiene conneción con volcanos ;)
@Richard : Thank you so much Richard...it's a very quick one although :)))

Roberto Marín said...

Che!!!! Buenísimo este tipo Sigur Ros!!!! ya estoy buscando más cosas de él, gracias por el dato.

Roberto Marín said...

Kathy, perdón, no quisiera ser annoying, vi aquí lo de International Union of Mail Artist.
Sólo si tienes tiempo, y ganas, ¿me podrías explicar de qué se trata por favor?, no tengo apuro, sólo si puedes.Gracias.

Jessie said...

Yes! That was me! Stuck trying to get home but we made it at last - hooray! Lovely to be back and to enjoy your drawings once more :) xx