April 17, 2010

The winning week

This magical light arrived to my little house this week after I was one of the winners in a Giveaway of Made in Belgium, a Facebookgroup that is a stage to wonderfull Belgian talents in design, illustration, clothing and many more. This present is a design from Bleu Celeste. An incredible place to buy Japanese paper or little things made of these marvellous prints! Since many time I'm a huge fan of Bleu Celeste and that will not chance, even worser :) I'm sooo happy with this one and if you want, get fan of Made in Belgium and try yourself to win beautiful wonder-things!
Tanks so much Bleu Celeste and Made in Belgium!!!
Also this week I was the lucky winner of another Giveaway on the blog of Sandra. My present is travelling all the way down from Denver (USA) buth when it will arrive be sure I will share it with all of you. Go and visit already Sandygrafik to have a look on her talent.