April 22, 2010

Dead or alive?

Sometimes very little things can made my day...it can be the smallest thing on earth that makes me feel living for 200%!
This morning when I arrived in the museum where I am working I discovered finally the butterfly that was flying high in the printing-room since some days. These rooms are in a medieval building with very high walls and windows, so high that I couldn't catch the poor animal and give it his freedom.
When I came back there after the weekend, there wasn't any butterfly anymore. This morning I tried the printing machine by the hugh wheel and almost I crushed him with my enormous feet!!! There he was!

Closed with his wings, black and very sad! I was so happy to find him, took it with a lot of care to the garden and gave him some green leaves to sit down. The little poor butterfly opened his wings very slowly and tried some times to move them again...it was soooo sad to see. He looked like an old airplane that doesn't function well anymore! I was so sad but fascinated...while I prepaired my workshop I was running every minute outside to see him back. Again the wings were closed...he was totally ill of beiing in that room for several days with the smell of those horrible liquids we use to etch! I could take some lovely photographs of this kind of butterfly...he watched me and opened his wings...he made me sooooo happy...and at noon there wasn't any butterfly more in the garden...I hope he found his freedom!!!

What a beginning of this Earth Day!!!


Sylvie Van Hulle said...

Ik vind dit een hele mooie tekening!
De donkere kleuren van het figuur en dan dat kleurrijk element met de vlinder, well done!!

Marijke De Wagter said...

Wat een prachtige ervaring!
Hopelijk vliegt die vlinder nu ergens vrij en vrolijk ;)

Kathy De Wit said...

@Sylvie : dankjewel hoor Sylvie...'t was een rappertje maar ik wist precies hoe het er moest gaan uitzien, valt goed mee!
@Marijke : heb hem vandaag nog gezocht in de tuin, ze verklaren mij daar ver gek denk ik...maar de v...linder is gaan vliegen...:)