April 27, 2010

My Heroes / 2

As I promised to start drawing all my heroes! Here is the first male! And who said that heroes cannot have a cat? :) Roald Amundsen is one of my biggest heroes after all I guess...after Darwin! He was a Norwegian explorer of Polar regions. Imagine, he was the leader of the first expedition to the South Pole! What a men! And more, he had something with my country! He was first mate on the Belgian Antarctic expedition to the South Pole leaded by Adrian de Gerlache on the ship with the marvellous name...Belgica. The crew had to endure a winter there on that ship. What a story! I love it!
I was always crazy of exploring, travelling and extremes.
Does my hero mean something to you or what are yours? :)


Adelaida said...

I didn't know about him but now I know :) and I surely have some heroes of mine but, as usually, I can't remember any when I have to think of them quick :D So I'll re-think it slowly and let you know what came out of it

Roberto Marín said...

Katy, fui yo!!!!!!!!!!
¡¡¡¡Yo fui el que dijo que los Heroes no podían llevar un gato!!!!!!
Asumo la responsabilidad de tal equivocación, lo admito, me equivoqué mal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
¿Tendré el perdón de las futuras Heroinas (tal vez Diosas???)
Quizás si te digo que este heroe está fantástico y me gusta mucho, ayuda un poquito.

ElenN said...

My hero Roald Amundsen!

ElenN said...

Не a standard of courage!!!!!