May 9, 2010

Happy Mama!

I was thinking on a kind of self-portrait to do, me,
like a Peruvian mother with her cat-child.
That turned out like I wanted, but the paper I used to fill the dress made it all together with the black hair very Japanese. I don't mind that. All the different cultures mixed up in one little drawing...looks fine to me...and more important, my mum loved it!
Happy Mother's Day to all the mums in the world!!!


Adelaida said...

It looks a bit Japanese but it adds a lot to the picture, those little details. We have Mother's Day on 26th of May in Poland :3

Roberto Marín said...

Tu mezcla de culturas te da buen resultado!!!!Bellísimo trabajo, pero tengo una pregunta, por qué sin piés?
Ah sí, y acá en Argentina el día de la Madre es el tercer domingo de Octubre, ¿Qué loco, no?
bien, no recuerdo bien pero si eres Madre: feliz día!!

SonatasWelt said...

Wow!!! It's wonderful illustration!!!

Jessie said...

I didn't think Japanese until you said it. I love this painting, she looks so sultry! x

.:Mir:. said...

Precioso Kat! ^^

Snezana said...

She is beautuful!Only the dress(flowers)are little bit japanese,and everything is beautiful!