June 16, 2010


Love to draw these animals and to try catching their soul. You cannot believe how I was drawing this one. With Toulouse ( the already famous neighbour-cat) on my legs and with a back that was hurting me. But the most important in a cat's lover-life : if the cat is comfortable, everybody is happy ;)


Laura Monedero said...

Tu secreto es la inspiración con Toulouse?? Te hemos pillado!! jajaja. Me encanta, magistral!!

Adelaida said...

There is something like that with the cats - no other pet makes you wanna make it happy so much. Maybe it's because they are so different: they don't socialize too much, they have their own places and paths and they do whatever they want; so when they finally come to you, you would stand on your head all day long, just to keep they at your side ;) A bit of exaggeration but it shows the point.

Lovely drawing by the way :) I like the way you drew his fur.

Kathy De Wit said...

Toulouse ya tiene magico! como cada de ellos ;))) Me sale asi porque sé para quien estoy haciendo...las almas de los gatos estan unidas y me dan toda la fuerza!
Thank you Adelaida...you wrote down very nice the way 'cats' are...therefore I guess I love them too so much and I find a lot of their personality in my own being ;)

Marijke De Wagter said...

Katten doen iets vreemd met je; ook al zit je ongelofelijk slecht (achter je pc, in de zetel, ... op het toilet...) je zet je niet beter want DE KAT ligt toch oooh zooo schattig op je schoot!!! ;D

Masochisme, iemand?

aafke7 said...

Elke keer ben je verrassend! Er is een 'stilte' in elke tekening die me het meest verwondert! Mooi! Dank je wel!

Roberto said...

Kathy, otro hermoso gato. Veo que has dibujado a un gato zurdo tocando el bajo, yo lo tomo como si hubieras querido hacer a un Mc Cartney-gato, y está buenísimo, porque soy un beatlemaníaco.
Un beso.