June 14, 2010

My puppet

Here he is...uuuf had to search very deep into all my archives... I made the puppet, shoes, head, guitar...and the little white costume that Goran Bregovic wears like always on every concert was made by a good friend/neighbour. That teamwork made this wonder...I'm still happy to see this photo...and my fingers are yelling to start again making puppets! :)
I will not tell you what I did to bring this picture into the hands of Mr. Bregovic themself! Even Emir Kusturica saw this picture somewhere in Croatia ;)))


Laura Monedero said...

Lo has hecho tú??

Škorčica said...

I'm sure it's an interesting story about how this picture came to Goran Bregović! :) - you've made me curious for sure :)

So good puppet you've made!