June 13, 2010

A midsummer night's dream

Pictures : Marc Maillard (Theater FroeFroe)

My weekend was so FULL but unforgettable.
For the first time I could enjoy a production from Theater Froe Froe: Midsummer Night's Dream

"Froe froe is known for its strange mixture of dolls, figures, objects, video, actors and music. The performances contain humour and horror, poetry and rock ‘n’ roll for young and old. Froe froe makes impressions, concoctions and brings puppets alive as you have never seen on stage before.

Between "Little Red Riding Hood" and “Macbeth” there lies nothing but a little sigh of air…

Every new project is a quest for fresh and original theatre, full of emotion, poetry, tension and diversion.

Cool and crazy theatre that sparkles!!!"

See for more info on froefroe.be

If you want to see more work of the puppetmakers themselves go to this link!

Myself, I am very crazy of making puppets...once I made a Goran Bregovic for the marriage of friends.
If I find that picture I will post it above!;) Now I can look forward to follow someday a workshop with these inceredible creators!

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