June 20, 2010

Olimpia Jr.

This little Olimpia Jr. is the last in a set of 4. She acts still like a kid and she can open the wardrobe and closes them afterwards, that way nobody can find her ;)
These cats will have their future life as a gift on the wedding day of my very good friend Laura in Madrid. I very curious for the results of the coasters that will be made of it! I really enjoyed making them and I'm sure these were not the only cats I portraited. There are so many famous cats in my life I want to give a life on paper with my watercolors! So if you have some wish? ;)


Luzia said...

I love your cat portraits! Greetings from Luzia.

Roberto said...

Hola Kathy, no entendí bien lo del deseo...¿Mi deseo puede ser tener una de tus acuarelas?....¡Quiero unaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!
(perdón, lo grité demasiado?) Ja ja!!!

Laura Monedero said...

Cuando alguien nuevo llega a casa, Olimpia Jr. abre la puerta del armario, se esconde, y la vuelve a cerrar. No creo que nadie en el mundo pudiera retratarla mejor de lo que lo ha hecho Kathy!!!
Gracias guapa!!!