July 12, 2010


A little try on the Wacom Pentablet... love it!!! And so this can be a preview of my way of writing...;)


Amanda Y said...

Sorry to hear about your turtles :(
Sometimes I find a break from blogging helps...it can be hard to be creative everyday, so sometimes we need that rest!

Kathy De Wit said...

Thanks Amanda!!! How is life going in Britain? ;) I will pass by! Hugs!

Adelaida said...

It's hard to loose those to whom we give all our hearts.

If you are going to write like this, I'll have problems with reading your posts ;)

aafke7 said...

Hi Amanda,
Het is goed om een tijdje buiten beeld van de wereld te zijn.
Rust maar lekker uit.
Hoop wel dat je weer terugkomt.
Groetjes Vera