July 13, 2010

Belgcian cities #1

Thinking of spending my vacation-time in my own country that I know so well...while thinking of destinations I still want to discover...and knowing that there is no take-off in the next months to some kind of those places I'm dreaming of, I've got the idea to make some portraits of famous Belgian cities.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The first is called 'Brugge' or Bruges in english. Today I was there enjoying some coffees, some art, strolling around with a good friend and her daughter and trying to see still more then I knew before. Trying to get the point why soooo many tourists from all over the globe wants to see this little medieval city. It's impressive. I still love this city, but not that much. It's not my most prefered one for sure! This is the first I made, may'be because it is also the most famous one, even more famous then Brussels, the capital. Time for Gato-geography ;) May'be you can feel like travelling a while trough Belgium...just from in your chair. Enjoy!


roberto said...

¡Que loco, Kathy!!!!
La ciudad sobre la cabeza, ja ja.Muy creativo, me encantó.
Una vez vi unas obras de un escultor peruano llamado Aroldo Higa (Creo) eran en madera pintada, espectaculares!!! me vino a la memoria porque recuerdo a un hombre con un gran barco sobre la cabeza.
Saludos, un beso.

d'Ank said...

'Zie je van Brugge, zet je vanachtren...
Je moe van voren in de rije nie goan stoan (x2).
Ze zeggen da me zot zien mo daddis dwoaze proat,
me zien verdomd zo zot nie
of dad'onze neuze stoat!'

Als Bruggeling kom ik niet waar de toeristen komen... krijg het er veel te benauwd van.
Zal wel het probleem zijn van alle toeristische trekpleisters.
Maar toch... L E V E B R U G G E!

En bedankt om je bezoekje te vereeuwigen!